BECAUSE OF THE COVID-19 SITUATION... and because we are members of that "vulnerable group" with underlying health conditions, we are unsure what 2021 will bring. Our focus has been direct contact with the consumer at Farmer's Markets and 2020 would have been our 11th year participating in Cincinnati area Farmer's Markets.

Until things settle down and it is safe for members of our "group" to be in crowds, our plans remain uncertain. Thanks for all the support over the years!







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We produce foods that look, smell and taste as they should - which demonstrates the true value to fresh local produce....We grow what we do because we want you to find from us something you might already know about but haven't ever tasted. Not really.

Our products are grown and produced in the country, miles from any urban center. Rain and sunshine are the primary environmental elements our crops are exposed to. What we specialize in is country freshness, country goodness, country clean, country unique.

Located in the rolling foothills of Appalachia in Adams County, Ohio, we are a biodynamic farm that offers heirloom small fruit including, red raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and other unique berries, Charentais and heirloom melons, old fashioned rhubarb, wild mushrooms, shagbark hickory syrup, culinary and medicinal herbs, foraged wild edibles like pawpaws, elderberry, American persimmons (and more) common to this area. We offer some of the freshest local raw honey around, never processed in any way, poured to for-sale jars directly from the hives. Dam-Good-Jam, home made fresh from fruits grown at or foraged around our farm. We make heirloom foods from produce grown at our farm, our neighbor's farms, or foraged in the countryside around our farm.

Our current focus is direct contact with consumer at Farmer's Markets and other venues. We love to talk about food and sharing with people how to use our products in every day meals. We love to hear about the great food you have experienced and what you have done with our products.

Seasonal product calendar
(What we usually have)
We try to keep our Facebook page current.
We'll be at:
Hyde Park Farmer's Market
Sundays 9:30-1:30
May through October

Check out "OUR RECIPES" page that features many practical, yes, you can do it at home recipes. "BOOKS & GADGETS" houses many book titles we think you will find interesting, especially if you're into cooking and other food, farming and homesteading topics. We showcase a variety of farm tools and gadgets we've recommended at markets for years when people ask "what do you use for...?".

We don't have a CSA. We believe in charging fair prices at market in real time. But there are other ways to support our local family farm.

Ways to support us:
Come to a farmer's market!

Visit our online store: Shagbark Farm Online Store

Click through on a book or a gadget. (We have inserted Amazon affiliate links in many places at this website. Purchases made by using these links doesn't cost you any extra but allows us to collect a small advertising percentage of the sale from Amazon.)
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